Mount Merrion Youths Football Club

Mount Merrion Youths Football Club is a community based club that has endeavoured over the past 30 years to provide sporting access and facilities for the youth of Mount Merrion and its adjacent neighbourhoods. The club first represented Mount Merrion at the 1974 Community Games. In 2007 the club established its first representative all-girls team. All representatives of the club operate on a voluntary basis. The club proposes to build a flood lit all-weather pitch in the Deer Park. It aims to do this despite a minority of people who just want to complain about any issue that get raised, so as to give some meaning to their shallow empty lives. The pitch will benefit the whole community and allow children enjoy there matches despite when the weather turns bad. How the pitch will benefit anyone who doesnt play soccer for Mount Merrion is beyond me! The park is a public amenity - Mount Merrion football club is not!! Ben Whelan says he is the best player on the u11 A's. He is quoted as saying "the only reason we win is because im playng, i drag this team along by the scruff of the neck".If Ben thinks they played well last season, wait till Mark Lynch starts.