Newtown 3 - 2 Merrion

Merrion should have won the game by half time with a lot of chances and a clear shout for penalty however they were in their back foot again when Newtown scored with their first attack after 20 minutes.

Merrion equalised with a cracking goal from Paul O'Sullivan. This will be a strong contender for goal of the season as you wont see many of this even in the premiership.

Newtown scored on the break twice in the second half and gave Merrion no chance to get back into the game. Ryan Coyle got a penalty within minutes to go however Merrion were unable to find an equaliser.

If Merrion sort out their defensive problem they will have no problem surviving in this division. Wining is a habit and at the moment isn't going Merrion's way even with a very solid performance.